Singing Out


Singing Out Waiters


Surprise your guests with something they won’t be expecting… your serving staff to take centre stage as singers.

The performer’s presentation includes posing as waiting staff and then performing a 30–40 minute show. The presentation usually starts with some ‘show off’ numbers then moves on to songs to get everyone involved and on their feet. The performance is extremely interactive and the fee includes a PA with radio mics suitable for up to 150 people. For a complete evening background music during their meal and the provision of a microphone for any speeches that take place before or just after the performance.

Our Singing Waiters and Waitress can perform as a Duo (female duo or male/female duo) or Trio (male/female). Always well received…………our singing waiters/waitresses will help make your event special and give the occasion a real WOW factor!

The Three Waiters


For more than a decade The Three Waiters singing waiters surprise act has wowed unsuspecting audiences worldwide. Sophisticated, spontaneous and loads of fun, The Three Waiters involves three talented singers posing as “real” waiters at your event, hoaxing and amusing your guests before revealing themselves as singing waiters in a thrilling operatic performance a la The Three Tenors.

Our three singing waiters do all the things you expect waiters to do: helping people to their seats, serving where appropriate, and generally being helpful and charming so that throughout the evening the guests completely accept them as part of the service staff. Each singing waiter is unique but believable. So now the stage is set, and one by one, events begin to unfold… and The Three Waiters bring a show to life before your guests’ eyes, without them even knowing it’s a show!