So what is Ceilidh?  It’s a traditional Scottish or Irish social gathering of people  but today it involves the playing of Gaelic folk music and the enjoyment of dancing. It can involve Scottish country dancing, however the steps and ways of dancing will change from song to song. The music played will be by an assortment of instruments: flute, fiddle, accordion, tin whistle, drums, guitar, mandolin, whatever is played it’s lively and cheerful.

It’s similar to the barn dances you may have heard of or attended as a child where everyone has a great time whether they know the steps or not. It’s a get-together where you can let your hair down and dance round the room with a few basic steps to remember, moving from partner to partner. If you’ve never tried it, you should. It’s great fun and excellent to get people up and on their feet.

The best thing is that it’s suitable for all ages so is ideal for any family event where children will be present, corporate event to get your staff mixing and of course a wedding to get your guests-a-mingling.

I just wanted to say that both the Fruitcake band and the DJ you provided for our wedding were fantastic! The band were great, the lady caller was wonderful in organising – getting people on the floor, explaining & doing the dances. Thank you.

Sean and Lynn, Ceilidh and disco – 22 April 2017

Higgledy Piggledy Band

Having been around since the late 1970s the Higgledy Piggledy Band has acquired a vast experience in ceilidhs, barn dances etc – call them what you will. Having started as a four piece for a one-off gig they found themselves in demand at venues around their native Lincolnshire and eventually farther afield. From the early round of PTAs and charity fund-raising events they have moved by way of major national folk festivals to a market that takes in weddings, anniversaries and corporate events.
Like any long-running band they have changed line-ups along the way, albeit infrequently, but without ever altering their commitment to providing the audience with every opportunity to enjoy itself and to share the fun of a Higgledy Piggledy ceilidh. They have acquired a wealth of experience enabling them to adapt to any audience and any situation and to play any type of ceilidh-related function.
Now electric fiddle-led (played by the virtuoso Rick Alliwell) abetted by the distinctive brass of Tim Walker, Sean South’s remarkable bass playing, Dan Swinburne’s drums and hugely experienced caller/guitar Tom Lane, they still play with a freshness that belies the vintage of the band. Their dances are straightforward enough to enable all ceilidh newcomers to participate fully, yet interesting enough for the experienced. In all the years the only thing that hasn’t changed is their philosophy of fun. They enjoy it and make sure that everyone else does too. So, enjoy it!

Wagon Load of Monkeys

Ceilidh is now used generic name for social traditional dance night. Many people in the past used the term Barn Dance or even Country Dance Night.
Dances and tunes come from all over the UK and occasionally from other parts of Europe.

The Wagonload of Monkeys is one of the longest running outfits (25 years and counting) and most successful Ceilidh bands in our area. Their programs are tailored to the occasion and the dancers, but Maggie’s clear instructions at the start of each set, ensure everyone can join in the fun. The band play more than one instrument so you will hear whistles, fiddles, melodeons, hammered dulcimer, small bagpipes, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, percussion and bass. Between sets, while you get your breath back, the band provides music of the same style on CD or ipod/mp3. The band regularly performs at Function Rooms, Hotels, public halls, barns and pubs throughout Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Rutland. If you’ve got room to dance, the band will play.

Odd Sox

OddSox is a 4-piece Scottish Ceilidh and barn dance band from Buckinghamshire which prides itself on a professional approach and, importantly, a strong sense of FUN for all. The band are ideal for weddings, parties, corporate entertainment, charity events and other special functions requiring that extra in entertainment value. If you want to round off your evening with some disco dancing Oddsox can also provide a good mixture of popular party music through their high-quality sound system coupled with light sequencers.

The Odd Sox play list consists mainly of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music but we are happy to take requests or play CD’s or mp3’s provided by the party giver.

Moggy in the Wood

Moggy in the Wood was formed in 2009 by a group of experienced musicians with many years experience playing in ceilidh and other bands. They offer a mixture of traditional English, Irish, Scottish and American dance music suitable for a barn dance or celidh, played on fiddle and mandola or mandolin backed up by guitar and bodhran played by our usual caller.

A barn dance or ceilidh is probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on. It is suitable for most ages and you get to dance with every man or woman in the room. You dance to jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes and hornpipes. The caller will organise the dancing so no experience is needed. It is a good and very social way to celebrate for weddings, parties etc and a good way to raise funds.