Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery

The Murder Mystery is a proven format and the perfect diversion over dinner; light-hearted, fun and informal, it allows your guests to relax, enjoy their meal and be entertained.

Premium Quality:

All of our events are renown for their high standards and professionalism throughout everything we do. Our actors are all handpicked professionals and members of Equity with credits in TV, Film and Theatre and have many years experience in this type of entertainment. Our carefully written comedy plots provide a challenge for the more serious sleuths but are also pure entertainment for those who just want to relax and enjoy a few hours of fun. Our attention to detail and the quality of our costumes, props and storylines is the subject of great praise from our satisfied clients.

What You Can Expect:

FUN! Although solving a “murder” can be a serious business, the whole essence of our event is that your guests enjoy themselves and have a fun and memorable experience. All of our Murder Mysteries are written to amuse but still feature a strong story and intriguing plot so can appeal equally well to those guests for whom English may not be their fi rst language or who are not au fait with this traditional form of British humour.

How It Works:

The event is available in two formats, either the One/Two-Actor Hosted or the Four-Actor Dinner Theatre version depending on your particular requirements. Both are hosted by the Detective Inspector, are fully scripted
and normally take approximately 2 ½ hours spanning a three-course dinner but will work equally well over a buffet and last until coffee is served. At the dénouement, normally during coffee, the culprit is brought to justice and awards presented to the most hopeless, the runners-up and the victorious Detectives.

1-2 Actor Hosted Events:

The Detective and his assistant WPC provide the clues and information to solve the crime. Ten of your guests are the chief suspects in the case, supplied with new character names and identities – three of whom will be called upon to give evidence – and who are gradually whittled down until one is unmasked as the murderer. The guests can either work in teams or pairs to solve the crime.

4 Actor Dinner-Theatre Event:

The Detective Inspector leads the actors through short scenes performed during breaks in the courses. Normally working in teams, the guests can gather vital clues during the scenes and then get further chances to interrogate the suspects as they circulate during the meal before making a decision on the identity of the murderer and filling in their Detective Report.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"" How many people can play?
Any number between 10 and 110 is ideal.

"" Is it audience participation?
No – we prefer audience interaction. At no stage will we put a hat on you and call upon you to look silly… that’s what you’re paying us for.

"" How much is an event?
Our fee varies but every quote is based on where the event takes place and roughly how many guests will be playing.

"" Are there any hidden costs?
You will need to arrange with the venue for us to have a lockable room in which to change. We will also ask you for a pot of tea/sandwiches for four actors. That’s it! We won’t be requesting a sit-down meal or flowers.

"" How long does an event last?
Roughly 2 ½ hours though events can be tailored to suit your timings.

"" What do you actually supply?
Every event will come complete with a costumed cast of four actors, pens, paper, table numbers, police files, props, firearms, digital sound rig, complete liability insurance and an original murder mystery that can be tailored to include “Hit List” information about your guests!

"" Do you offer prizes?
Not as standard but we can arrange them for you if you wish.

"" We have a range of ages/backgrounds/languages in our group?
Not a problem. We run over 150 events a year, touring around the world. The pace is always quick and lively and we are used to encouraging a sense of fun and competition in audiences no matter their background.

"" Can you provide references at short notice?
Not a problem… we have them online!

Steve Allen Entertainments Murder Mystery productions provides interactive entertainment, that is a unique blend of Theatre and Audience Participation with the emphasis on FUN and ENJOYMENT.