We can provide a great choice of Professional Caricaturists to capture the fun of your event. Caricaturists are great for meet and greet and table hopping and also be engaged to assist with fundraising activities at Charity Events.

Caricatures are provided on high quality A4 Paper to take way as a memory of a great occasion.

Many Artistes now also produce caricatures on an iPad or Tablet which can be projected onto screen for others at the exhibition or event to view and sent to you as jpeg file.

Silhouette Cutters


A stylish and popular addition to Balls and Corporate Dinners

The most known silhouette is the classic bust-length cameo. Popular all over England during the Georgian and Regency periods. In the hands of an expert, such classic cameos can be cut in as little as 60 seconds. People love the simple beauty of an elegantly-cut silhouette, set into an oval or rectangle mount.

There are many variations to the theme and a silhouettist’s repertoire which can include

  • half-length silhouettes holding a glass of wine,
  • with collars and ties cut away – a technique known as slash cutting – leaving empty white spaces giving the silhouettes a quintessentially 1920’s feel,
  • double face-to-face and back-to-back slash-cut silhouettes,
  • and full length silhouettes.

Silhouette artists have been active in various guises throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20thcenturies. For this reason a silhouettist can form a historically-accurate addition to a wide range of Georgian, Regency, and Victorian events. They would also be perfect for a 1920s or 1930s themed evening.